5 Steps to Grow a Hardcore Online Following

5 Steps to Grow a Hardcore Online Following

What could you achieve if you had 1,000 loyal friends? How about 100K? Or 1M? Online followings aren’t just for celebrities. These days, anyone can become the leader of their own unique tribe.

1. Choose Your Tribe

What type of people do you want to connect with and why? Do you want to gear your tribe around your career or one of your hobbies? Both? What social media platforms are you most engaged on? Who do you follow? What do these platforms and people have in common? Whether it’s digital nomads, single Mums or marathon runners, you need to know what tribe you want to engage with.

2. Connect

Connection is key. It’s the vehicle in which relationships are born and flourish. Make a habit of connecting online. Reply to and re-post others content in a constructive and thought-provoking manner. Start conversations posing questions and follow up to keep the conversation going. This is the lifeblood of any influencer’s success. Be a regular. Woody Allen once said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.”

3. Create

Now it’s time to step into the arena beginning to create your own content. Start simple — this doesn’t need to be a six-part documentary to begin with. First, decide on the medium. Are you a budding photographer, do you enjoy writing or making videos? Your tribe and the content you engage with most should point you in the right direction. Make it manageable starting small. Commit to posting one video or blog post a week. Focus on delivering value to your tribe — how can you help?

4. Be Yourself (*Sigh*)

This may be some of the most resented advice ever given. But when it comes to relationships, there isn’t a more cliché, yet true statement. Authenticity is at the heart of genuine connection. Sure, no one wants to know everything that goes on inside your head, but people do want to get to know the real you. Vulnerability and openness are powerful ways to connect. Also, this is your life! You’re in this for the long haul — any attempt to put on a show will be exhausting and fall apart sooner or later. It’s easier and more effective if you… well, be yourself!

5. Forget About The Numbers

It’s the quality of your relationships that matters, not the number of people following you. Don’t get caught up counting followers. When it comes to relationships — online and offline — it’s a case of quality over quantity. What use are 1M Twitter followers who never engage with your tweets? Better to have a hundred who are active and loyal. Their passion and engagement are far more likely to stimulate momentum.

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